Small Contemporary Garden, Chippenham


The clients wanted to maximise the use of their garden, catering for all the uses a family may have. The garden needed to be low maintenance and have a contemporary feel. Any way of making the garden feel larger was also welcomed.

Design Solution

We started by tilting the whole design 45 degrees to divert the eye from the back of the garden and create the illusion of more space. Rectangular blocks made up the various ‘rooms’ of the garden and formed the structure of the design.

A sunken seating area is the social centre of the garden and gives shelter and a sense of privacy in which to relax and entertain. The split levels of the garden give some much needed structure to the garden, creating interest and defining the multiple spaces within the garden.

Contemporary materials, combined with softer timbers and planting produced a pleasing balance. Planting was chosen for form and colour, while still being easy to look after.

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