Should I Hire A Garden Designer?

Are you thinking of getting your garden landscaped and are unsure whether or not to hire a garden designer? I’ll outline a few scenarios here that would likely mean at least speaking with a designer would be worthwhile. I know for some people the thought of hiring a garden designer can be a bit daunting, though a good designer can make the entire process far simpler for you, as well as ensuring you have a stunning garden at the end of it.

You would like that WOW factor.

Probably the most obvious reason to hire a designer. If you are looking for that wow factor and know your garden has potential, but don’t have a clue how to get there, a designer can be instrumental in helping you achieve that. A designer will be trained in design principles, knowledgeable on materials and planting, and hopefully have a creative flair to help you achieve your dream garden. They will also be knowledgeable on the practical considerations that go into creating a garden.

You have a complex or large garden.

A designer may well be an asset on smaller gardens as well, I’ve designed many small gardens myself, though I would suggest a designer is almost essential for very large or complex sites. Years of experience designing spaces for other complicated sites can be put to use designing yours and help to avoid the many pitfalls that can end up costing you a lot of money and potentially detract from the end result. The construction costs inevitably rise with the complexity of the site, so making sure you have a firm, well detailed and specified plan in place can be invaluable.

Looking for a complete garden overhaul.

Are you looking to completely transform all, or a large portion of your garden? If so, it may be worth while getting a plan in place before approaching contractors for the build. A designer will ensure the new garden works from a design perspective, establishing a connection between different areas and an overall theme for the garden. If you are simply looking for a new patio, then you probably don’t need a garden designer.

If you would like assistance throughout the process.

As well as producing a design for you, most designers will assist throughout the rest of the process, until your garden is completed. Every designer works slightly differently. I have built up a working relationship with several contractors, whom I will recommend for the construction of the garden. Once you’ve decided on a contractor, I would make site visits during the build to check on progress and answer any questions you or the contractor may have. This ensures the whole project stays on track and the design vision is reached, as well as giving yourself a constant port of call.

When you want to be efficient with your budget.

Gardens aren’t cheap to build, there’s a common misconception that being outside of the house makes it cheaper, though labour and material costs are still the same. The cost of landscaping a small garden, can easily run £20k. Having a detailed and specified design in place ensures you are efficient with your money. Material choices will have been discussed and evaluated. Quantities calculated and design alterations made if necessary, before any actual money is spent on buying the materials themselves. You will know exactly where your money is going, and what the end result will be. A specified design also allows the contractor to be more accurate in their quoting.

If you want a planting scheme that looks great.

One of the most crucial aspects of garden design is the planting. It is important that this is considered from the very beginning of the process, as the planting and hard landscaping are often intrinsically linked. A designer can produce a planting plan for you that is suited to the site conditions, fits with the rest of the design and is appropriate to your tastes and level of desired maintenance. Most designers will also offer a service to take care of the planting for you once the hard landscaping is completed, bringing the design to life and ensuring your garden has the best possible start.

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