A Garden For Connection, Corsham


This garden called for something a little different. The client have their office at the end of the garden, so as well as being their commute, they looked out on the garden all day. As such it needed to work just as well as a show garden, as it did while actually in it, and look good from both directions. They wanted a very fluid garden, with lot’s of curves and natural materials. As well as some more playful touches, such as a fairy garden.

Design Solution

I started out by forming curving routes through the garden, intended to connect the two ends in a natural looking way. Photos I found of large river deltas inspired these lines and in turn lead to the development of the dry river bed and other weaving routes through the garden. Running water over the waterfall itself gives a further nod to the rivers that inspired the design and provides a relaxing spot to sit and enjoy. Natural stone rockery is a big theme of this garden, forming many of the features such as the waterfall and the fire pit seating area, as well as the pathways themselves by the use of natural Sandstone.

Planting is designed to give interest throughout the year, with something flowering all year round. It also provides a lot of the height within the space, with ornamental grasses, delphiniums and shrubs, which will develop over time.

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