Large Garden, Bath


As you will see this house sits in stunning surroundings with tons of character in the existing stonework and mature trees around the garden. The client wanted to bring some more contemporary touches into the garden to bring it in line with their modern lifestyle. Without losing that sense of character and connection to some of the existing features and materials. We also wanted to further highlight the gardens best feature, the views!

Design Solution

Though we developed a design for the entire surrounds of the house, the key area was a split terrace to the rear of the house. All angles in this area of the garden were made to be parallel to the house. This is to form a connection between the house, each terrace and the views beyond. This was an issue with the previous layout, as the eye was pulled in many different directions.

Special care was taken to tie the old and the new together, with careful detailing in many areas, such as the re-constructed steps running flush into the new deck. We used frame-less glass balustrades, with the channel sunk into the ground, to ensure the views were uninhibited. Gabion cages were used to strengthen an old wall and faced with pennant stone, which was also used for new feature walls in other areas of the garden.

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