Clifton, Bristol


The client had recently moved in to the house and had just finished an extensive refurbishment of the inside. They wanted to continue the process into their garden and create an outdoor room in which they could spend a lot of their time. They travelled often so they needed a low maintenance garden which is instantly enjoyable. Bordering a road on two sides with traditional low boundary walls, made privacy screening for the garden essential.

Design Solution

Key mature planting was kept though a lot of the existing beds needed to be narrowed to open up the space and meet the requirements of the brief. Screening plants, such as bamboo, were planted in the narrower beds to ensure privacy once established.

We decided on a flowing design based on connecting geometric curves. This helped blur the boundaries of the garden and tie the various features and spaces of the garden together. A sunken seating area with accompanying sculptural wall provided a sheltered & private spot at the end of the garden in which to relax. Sandstone paving and walling were used to provide a connection to the house and surrounding area.

Construction by Brett Hardy Landscapes.