A garden for entertaining, Chippenham


A large portion of the existing garden was under utilised and in need of updating. The clients now have grown up children and so wanted to update to a more mature garden, for entertaining and relaxing. A combination of contemporary and classical design styles were desired to match the interior of the home.

Design Solution

We increased the usable space by extending into the lawned area, creating a large sprawling space to entertain and unwind. This space was framed by a row of Silver Birch and a hedge of Portuguese Laurel, creating the feeling of an outdoor room and an extension of the living space. Traditional structure and symmetry were complimented with the use of a contemporary water feature and bespoke gabion benches.

We made the decision to level the lawned area and achieved this through the use of raised beds along the boundary, which acted as retaining walls. This had the benefit of bringing some much needed height and structure into the garden. A contemporary sculpture acted as a focal point at the end of the garden, providing a destination for the eye and tying the garden together.

A row of pleached Hornbeam were planted along the open boundary to provide privacy and balance with the rest of the garden.

Construction by A.J & M.J Rich Landscaping.