Bathford, Bath

The Brief

The clients had just undertaken large renovations and an extension on their home, resulting in the neglect and partial destruction of the garden. Having completed the building works they turned to the garden, wanting a fairly contemporary, low maintenance design to match the interior of their home. The garden is fairly unique in that it wraps 360 degrees around the house, creating several different areas. One of the crucial requirements was that each of these areas were utilised and provided some variety. It was also a requirement to bring some extra privacy into the front garden and provide some form of separation between the driveway and the garden. There was a substantial amount of paving slabs and stone in piles around the garden, this was to be incorporated into the design where possible.

Design Solution

Each area of the garden was developed into usable spaces each with their own character and purpose. Materials used throughout the design compliment the existing stone used for the house and traditional boundary walls.

In the front curves were used to soften the edges and draw the eye into the garden creating a more visually stimulating and contemporary lawn area. The materials used in this area are fairly traditional, the main feature being a new patio area under the shade of the existing Sorbus tree, made from the re-claimed paving left on site. A formal Yew hedge was planted to separate the garden from the driveway and produce a foil for the planting bed in front. As the existing boundary wall was quite low it gave us room to add some bespoke trellis. Bringing some much needed privacy to the front garden, as well as adding a nice architectural back drop for the planting to grow in front of. The extra space allowed for some larger planting options and a Silver Birch was brought in to add some much needed structure, as well as strategically block out some neighbours windows.

To help define the entrance to the house & to separate the garden from the driveway, formal steps were added leading up to the front door. These were fronted by sleepers and careful care was taken to match the paving with that already used in the garden.

Curves were used again around the back of the house, continuing the theme, with sawn Sandstone paving providing a more contemporary feel. Raised beds break up the wonderful, though rather imposing, expanse of stonework, as well as providing a contrast in texture which is repeated throughout the garden. Parts of the boundary wall were repaired and new steps were constructed up to the neighbouring allotment, again using available stone on site.

Designs have been drawn up for a third area of the garden, though this will be implemented in a second phase of construction.

Client Feedback

“Phil was very polite, efficient and delivered an excellent design for our garden. Phil bought the plants, arranged delivery, laid them out according to his garden design and planted them all up. There were over 100 plants and the garden looked fantastic when he had finished. We are very pleased with his work.”