Upper Rissington, The Cotswolds

The Brief

The clients had recently moved into a new build house, with a completely bare garden. Using this blank canvas they wanted to create the garden they had always wanted. There needed to be a sense of exploration through the space with options for places to sit, relax and entertain, taking in the garden from different perspectives. They also liked the idea of bringing water into the garden in some way and encouraging wildlife. Some of the lawn needed to be retained for sunbathing on and to allow a space for their daughters to camp on in the summer months. The clients were keen gardeners, as such there needed to be plenty of areas for planting and space set aside for practical considerations such as a greenhouse, compost bins and production growing areas.

The garden was also quite overlooked along the rear boundary. This needed to be addressed.

Design Solution

There were a lot of aspects to try and fit into the garden, as such the garden was broken up into different areas. One entire side was screened off with trellis, this created an area for growing fruit and vegetables in two large raised beds, as well as space for a potting shed and their washing line.

Within the core of the garden a small journey was created which will develop hugely over time as the garden grows. The focal point of the garden is a wildlife pond with a cantilevered timber bridge crossing it. A small waterfall offers a relaxing sound that travels through the whole garden and helps to oxygenate the water. The bridge, as well as being an exciting feature, helps to create a sense of escapism while walking through the garden and allows people to sit and dangle their feet in the water on a hot day.

Over the bridge you come to the entertainment area. A pergola will provide dappled shade once the Jasmine and Clematis have had time to cover it. Along the rear boundary several fruit trees were planted, once grown these will provide some privacy from overlooking houses.

All planting was planted at an immature level, so it will take several years for the garden to develop. Lots of gaps were left to allow growth and also to let the clients do some experimentation. The clients already have over a hundred plant plugs in their potting shed ready to go in come the spring!