Pembroke Care Home 2

Project Description

We were delighted to be asked back by Pembroke Care in Reading to produce a design for another one of their gardens, right next door in fact! They wanted this garden to match the quality of the neighbouring garden and the two gardens needed to connect as there was access between the two. A large summer house was to be built at the end of the garden which would be a place for residents to have tea and cake with their relatives.

We couldn’t deviate drastically from what was already in place and a decent area of lawn needed to remain. The paths were widened and surfaced with the same red tarmac as the neighbouring garden. A highly practical and necessary solution for wheelchair users. The pathway flows around the whole garden in a loop, providing a stress free environment for residents to enjoy.

One of the main features is a Rose archway walk. It was important to the client and ourselves to bring in some traditional elements that may trigger fond memories for the residents. Once established the Rose walkway will provide colour for large portions of the year thanks to the repeat flowering Roses we used. As well as a profusions of heavenly scents for anyone walking through or past the archways.

Plants were used throughout the garden which provided vibrant colours, lovely scents and interesting textures to stimulate the senses. A practical area with potting tables, shelves and compost bins were constructed to encourage participation from willing residents and promote conversation.