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Client Feedback

“I was first introduced to Phil a few short months ago. I had a large 40m by 15m garden which had overrun considerably and which needed a major redesign.

I invited Phil to come over and see the existing garden for himself. Phil was very knowledgeable and well-able to assist me in deciding what would be the best approach for the garden and its new design. After his visit, Phil sent me computer generated concepts and visuals of what the future garden would look like. I was very happy to see that Phil had taken on board very much of what we had discussed. I wanted a garden that stood out: full of different smells and colour with a variety of shrubs, flowers, perennials and evergreens. Phil got it right first time round. The visuals helped me see exactly what I could expect giving me a clear idea of the final picture.

When the groundwork was complete and it was time to actually plant up, Phil sourced all the plants for me from local nurseries taking care to only pick those nurseries that had good quality plants and at reasonable costs. Having sourced the plants, Phil then helped lay out by hand where each plant of the over 450 plants was to go. Phil has kept a watchful eye over the progress of the garden over the ensuing months and the final result is breath-taking!

I have no hesitation in recommending Phil for all of your garden or landscape design needs.
Give Phil a call and see what he can do for you!”

– Charles, Managing Director of Pembroke Care