Mickleton, The Cotswolds

The Brief

The main point of the brief was to transform the garden into an outdoor entertainment space for use well into the evening. As well as this there needed to be a place for chilling out with a Gin & Tonic and enough lawn space left to allow their dog to roam. A comprehensive lighting scheme was needed to allow evening use, and a barbeque for entertaining was required. The existing water feature was to be repaired and re-planted.

Design Solution

Black finish decking was used opposite the existing slate patio area, this was to both create a sense of symmetry within the garden and to keep a continuity of colours to tie the garden together. The existing patio was retained, though it felt rather exposed. To combat this a rendered wall with a planting trough was added around the edge, this helped provide a more sheltered and relaxing seating area.

The wall contained a planting trough filled with herbs which could be used whilst cooking on the custom made barbeque which was also installed. A large mirror was added to the scheme on a large patch of bare brick wall, this helped to give the impression of a larger space and creates more interesting views from the conservatory. It also serves as a central focal point for the garden helping to pull all the elements together.