Contemporary garden, Swindon


For this project the client wanted a contemporary, low maintenance garden in which to relax and enjoy their hobby of star gazing. They wanted plants, and the boundaries needed to be screened.

Design Solution

Rendered raised beds help to define the spaces within the design, creating several ‘outdoor rooms’ in which to relax or set up the telescope. These beds also help to provide a vertical element to the garden and allow the planting to be more prominently displayed. Finishing these beds with a white render gives a contemporary feel, while also having the practical benefit of brightening the garden, which is quite enclosed. Granite paving and sunken composite decking further the contemporary brief and their hard wearing nature reinforces the desire for low maintenance.

Blocks of planting soften the hard landscaping and provide interest and stimulation all year round. Grasses move in the breeze, while Salvia & Agapanthus provide vibrant colours. Pleached Hornbeam provide some much needed screening along the rear boundary.